JoBlo (04.05.16)

Some cool news coming out of Oklahoma today, where a spate of horror movies (HELLRAISER: JUDGMENT, CHILDREN OF THE CORN: RUNAWAY) recently called their home of late. THE HARVESTERS, the Kickstarter-funded picture that claims our own James "Jimmy O" Oster as one of its producers, commenced production in the Sooner State on Monday, April 4th.

Production is expected to last until April 24th and will take place exclusively in Oklahoma in towns such as Tuttle, Newcastle, Purcell, Macomb, and director Nick Sanford’s hometown of Moore.

Oklahoma Gazette (01.28.16)

Nick Sanford once flooded a room in his parents’ house while remaking James Cameron’s Titanic. As a child with access to video cameras, he poured his energy into epics. Even in the days of VHS tapes, there was no such thing as a small picture in Sanford’s world.

JoBlo (01.21.16)

When it was announced last month that pre-production had begun on writer/director Nick Sanford's mystery/horror film THE HARVESTERS, January 18th was mentioned as a very important date for the project. The date when its crowdfunding campaign would go live on Kickstarter. That month-long campaign is now underway, with the filmmakers seeking to raise $32,835, which will go toward paying the cast and crew and insuring the production.

Star Pulse (01.19.16)

When it comes to the horror genre, nobody is more scare savvy than and Arrow in the Head journalist James "Jimmy O" Oster.  Being a lifelong genre fan and overall blood and guts movie geek, Oster has a keen eye for spotting fantastic new mayhem driven material.  Thus why we’re super excited about his first foray into the producing horror films ala the new Halloween themed fright flick entitled "The Harvesters." 

JoBlo (01.12.16)

A few weeks ago, we brought you the killer news that JoBlo/Arrow in the Head writer James "Jimmy O" Oster was involved with the horror flick The Harvesters, on which he's serving as a producer. The film is moving along nicely, as evidenced by the below clip: the film's opening sequence! That's right, you can check out the eerie way THE HARVESTERS opens right now, complete with an intro from director Nick Sanford.

Decay Magazine (01.12.16)

The Harvesters, is a horror film currently in development. The project is the next creation by Oklahoma based indie filmmaker Nick Sanford. Late last year we featured an article on “The Harvesters”. Summarized were details about the film and the upcoming crowdfunding campaign. Today, we’re featuring an update to the "The Harvesters” film. Although details remain scarce a video surfaced on YouTube today.

Daily Dead (01.06.16)

On January 18th, 2016, Sanford, along with the film’s producers Laurie Cummings (BLUEBERRY HALL), Paul Lister (BY DAWN) and James Oster (aka JimmyO from and Arrow In The Head) will launch a distinct crowdfunding opportunity for genre fans everywhere.

NewsOK (12.29.15)

They’ve been watching. They’ve been waiting. And now, they are almost here.

Broadcast Pictures has announced pre-production on "The Harvesters," a frightening new tale of terror written and directed by Nick Sanford. Set and shot in his home state of Oklahoma, the haunting mystery is billed as a richly cinematic horror experience unlike any other, utilizing old-fashioned filmmaking techniques and pushing them in a bold and exciting new direction.

JoBlo (12.28.15)

Broadcast Pictures has officially announced the commencement of pre-production on writer/director Nick Sanford's THE HARVESTERS, which is being produced by Laurie Cummings, Paul Lister, and our own JimmyO, James Oster.